Ability versus motivation of the customer

I have been thinking about customers in terms of their motivation. You can connect that concept to their personality traits. One person’s personality might look at a ‘job to be done’ as very hard to accomplish while another sees the ‘job to be done’ as easy. Maybe, an example is building a deck at your house.  The motivation might be very high to build the deck but for some personality types the ability might be very hard.  The execution of the job to be done is a) DIY, b) hire someone or c) dream a bit more.  Maybe item c) is the job for many?  I’m not just talking about hammering nails and operating saws. What I mean is the personality trait of say, anxiety, dealing with lumber and saws might be too much to deal with.  The subconscious mind says those things can injure you or your hands and the risk (another trait) says don’t try.

When the motivation is high in the ability of the customer to accomplish the job to be done is relatively easy, you’re selling products. Any time you’re thinking about selling something you have to frame what is the subconscious motivation of the customer which can be dialed back to their personality traits. The ability of the customer is also related to their personality traits. It’s not so much physical ability or mental ability but sometimes traits get in the way or they become an enabler to get something done. Traits are causal to purchase decisions and most often, like 80%+, they are subconscious or unconscious in nature. They are the reasons why we buy.

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