My passion for creating sustainable market share

My “Why” – Happiness, washing machines and market share are all related.

I have a lifelong ambition to build businesses focused on sustainable market share. Companies that drive toward market share dominance are usually happy places to work. Like, really happy – but why? Companies that understand their market goals, their customers and “S” curve econometrics tend to be driven at all levels and dominate for long periods of time. Alignment creates speed and certainly. It’s always better to know the future than be subject to it, right?

Early on in my career, I was mentored by one of the masters of business scale, and have since applied what I learned multiple times at Raise, Oreck, Hotwire, Centro, eSurance, Vodafone, Mokrynski and Performics (sold to Google) for 17 years. Most of my application has been invention, technology integration, and most recently, disruptive business scale.

Today, I help lead growth organizations through the use of “practical innovation”. I create or assemble executive, leadership and management teams that implement practical versions of technology innovation and common-sense business principles. My plan has always been to create and connect the hard things, which are often hard to see. I have also achieved success by balancing customer equity with sustainable profit volume. Happy companies enable happy clients.

I have enabled six growth companies so far, which generate over $3+ billion in revenue annually.

All of my work has been performance-driven focused technology, or technology infused into a traditional business model. My technology focus is often on customer equity and customer-centricity technologies, such as CRM, people data, and marketplace economy business models. My business focus is disruptive innovation, leadership, and communication methods that bring teams together, reducing fear of the unknown while creating predictable business operation frameworks.

My recent work includes invention of personality analytics, CRM, marketplace technology, Fraud technology, FinTech and marketing platforms.

My approach has supported leading .organizations including Google, Vodafone, Yahoo, Bose, AOL, Target, Oreck and United Airlines to address critical business issues regarding growth and “digital viability” of the organization.

My goal is to expand my abilities and build growth companies faster than ever before. Over the course of my career, the speed to transform has increased multiples, and I plan to stay ahead. I am confident I can help drive even faster, more predictable change for your organization