Driving creative ways to disruptive innovation

I pursue a core belief that organizations must pursue creative leadership and innovation. The results are profound changes to organizational health and ability to scale. You can achieve profound growth by understanding decision science and the operating systems of business.

Organizations can grow in size and speed with the right understanding of people, products, organized with an eye toward predicting outcomes. By investing in the right areas of the business, you have the opportunity to scale and reach your market potential.

I helped grow 7 companies in my career, which today, generate over $3 billion in total revenue per year. I build organizations based on disruptive innovation theories, using systematic and creative innovation, agile management and prioritization principles.

My work is utilized by Google, Vodafone, Bose, Target, Oreck, Centro.net, Raise, United Airlines and SpiderOak.

I helped transform Performics from a 3rd place affiliate technology platform into the world’s largest search engine marketing company. It was sold to Google as part of the DoubleClick acquisition for $3.1 billion.

I hold a degree in abstract mathematics, three patents on technology automation and have been the keynote speaker on Google’s main stage. This website is a summary of my life work. My goal is to show you the history and modernization and agile nature of things I invented and utilize to build businesses. I hope you can take some of it an use for your own purposes.