Well-known companies that use predictive analytics to create customer delight

It’s always the big brands. They build the skills and capabilities needed to drive sustainable growth. It’s not early on that they do this it’s usually much later in their history do they find a need to define people and segment according to something unique.

Netflix has been the leader. They have gone out of their way to create products based on a deep meaning of who people are and predict what they will need. Can you imagine building an entire show and series based on the prediction of a customer?

Regular Hollywood is starting to do that, but it’s leaders like Netflix that are paving the way for many others.

Is your company a market leader or disruptor that is trying to find a deep understanding of who people are? Are you using data from the past to do it for creating predictive models based on nothing from their purchase history or click history?

In the next five years, we will see more disruption proportional to organizations that commit to a deep understanding of people and their ‘jobs to be done.’ The theories are grand but having the technology to execute at an ever faster pace is where this is all going. Buckle up.

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