What else do sympathetic people buy?

Sympathetic people, who care for the well-being of others, correlate to term life insurance buyers. If you market to people who send flowers, you should consider partnering with a term life insurance company. You should also consider why they decide and find creative ways to gain more share of wallet for many other things.

We do psychometric based research on the entire US population. Not surveys, cookie or click-based data. We convert human activities into a lexical based, psychometric view of people and why they decide. Our fears, thinking patterns, social patterns and personalities can be discovered and it starts within our customer files. Combined with technology and big data, we found ways to discover patterns that have never been seen before.

You can see for yourself that some of the below output is obvious and some interesting. It seems obvious that that term life buyers, who are also sympathetic are concerned about work but would you expect their emotional tone to be positive?

People who buy term life and sympathetic people share a common focus on achievement and goals. They make decisions fast. They are not long-term planners. They are optimistic, confident and socially oriented. They enjoy art, emotional stimulation and adventure. See below.

What does this mean for business:

  1. Psychometrics informs us of how we can describe our products to better address customers and future customers. better descriptions, based on who they are, not what they click, results in significant conversion rate changes.
  2. Focus on who matters most. We find too many descriptions of thing like term life, jumbled. We try to say too much. The message gets diluted and conversion suffers.
  3. This dramatically increases conversion becuase you ‘know’ the potential customer without any invasive means to discover what they want.

This is just a small start in what psychometrics can do for business, it has a dramatic impact on conversion and segmentation. Understanding the world beyond reactive data can drive significant marketshare and profit changes for the better. If interested, we are happy to find your connections.

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