Scientists identify 4 personality types

On Sept 17th, Ben Guarino published an article called ‘Scientists identify four personality types’. This is valuable research into an important subject matter

“In a report published Monday in the journal Nature Human Behavior, researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois identify four personality types: reserved, role models, average and self-centered.

Social psychologists dispute whether personality types exist. Traits are another matter. Personality traits “can be measured consistently across ages, across cultures,” said Amaral, co-director of the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems. The five best-established traits, or Big Five, are openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

My research indicates the 4 and 5 model personality types are too few and wide when used to quantify decision making, specifically buying things. Myers-Briggs, 16 type model is too narrow. MBTI works well but is hard to describe and execute. My software calculated the traits of millions of people, connecting a theory of traits to why people decide. I am pleased to see further evidence from this work and curious who else is exploring trait theory and decision making.

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