Organizations that get Jobs to be Done Theory

I recently ran a crawl of people and organizations that self-proclaim some understanding of Jobs to be Done theory.

It is hard to pinpoint any one type of organization. The list is diverse and no one organizations has any more than 25 people spelling out ‘jobs to be done’ in their Linkedin profile or website. If you had to pick, it would be, as expected, consultants. A common theme is worldwide work in management consulting. No one organization owns more than 1% of mindshare on this topic. If we count the people within the organization, very, very few people proclaim JTBD in anyway. In total, around 2,500 people can spell out jobs to be done on their Linkedin profile. I would assume the number is higher given some limitations of Linkedin search.

After crawling all the websites of businesses spelling out JTBD theory, I pulled meta-data from each site and created a text file of all text. I counted word and phrases frequency. below are the high indexing words and phrases.

Here is the file.

Here are phases associated with companies found. Keep in mind, people work within the companies. The companies are not necessarily in the JTBD theory business. One surprise was a major manufacturer of peanut butter.

So why do this?

For me, it tells me a few things;

  1. JTBD theory is not household, not yet. I want it to be ubiquitous.
  2. JTBD has a diverse following but does lean toward consultants.
  3. In my research, many people struggle to implement JTBD into different departments, after the work is done.
  4. These companies must have ‘issues’ or supply results. For the issues companies, I doubt someone would take on a difficult project like JTBD without having a burning need to solve something.
  5. For JTBD to be ubiquitous, it needs a technology core. That has been my passion for some time. It works, it follows the classic process of disruption, starting out basic. We need more people to get this concept or some variations of it. We need more businesses to get the benefit of JTBD.

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