Figuring out who buys your product

The best way to figure out who buys your product is to go through the exercise of ‘jobs to be done’. This predicts why the customer buys in great detail.  Front ending JTBD methodology with my approach, creates speed and agility.  By combining, you also have the ability to track prediction to Performance.

It is said that every job has a finite set of functional, social and emotional components and that these elements are often viewed as irrational and hard to quantify.

At the heart of disruptive innovation, jobs-to-be-done and Product Market fit is understanding the core motivations of the buyer. After years of research, I can state that every job has a functional and psychological dimension that can be quantified and predicted.  It can also be mapped back to a predicted total addressable audience and a media plan that is a fraction of the cost of the old ways of doing things.

The next step in the process is to create the experiences. I translate this to fitting the mission and vision of the organization to the psychology of the buyer. The better the fit, the greater the growth opportunities.

Aligning the product and the job to be done: When the job is attached a purpose brand you have balanced Customer Equity with Customer Delight.  We live in a time where the opportunity to make this work and improve the odds of success are better than ever. There’s no better time than to start now.

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