Combining Innovation with psychology

There is a tremendous amount of documentation about Innovation and Product Market fit. What else can be said? For one thing, the customer.  This is an area that is under leveraged and poorly understood.  Why do?

People are complex and they deserve to be treated properly and with great respect for parting with their money to buy your products. It’s not just a spreadsheet exercise and it’s definitely not a media exercise.  You have to start embracing the concept of quantifying qualitative aspects of the customer.  While it is tempting to see the customer through the eyes of media KPIs, it’s best to look in a different way. 

Understanding people at a deep level can be discovered through computational linguistics. By understanding people and quantifying how they think through language psychology, you can help solve their needs. Whether you call that unmet needs as product-market fit people call it or jobs to be done. Anyway you look at it, quantifying the needs of people and how your product fits in their life is paramount to growing a business and satisfying people at the same time.  

Disruptive innovation is a subset of innovation and I look at it as the exercise of freeing up resources to execute change. The foundation of disruptive innovation is understanding customer needs through jobs-to-be-done Theory as well as a number of other methods to discover the deep reasons people buy and what is lacking with the current solutions in their life.

I look at product-market fit as the creativity of market design combined with the creativity needed to build the right product and how to balance both of these efforts.

Customer psychology whether it’s B2B or B2C, can be uncovered why people buy but not for the purposes of manipulation.  Your goal should be to satisfy unmet needs and balance customer equity with customer delight.  Both equity and Delight are well known and well understood kpi that lack data about why the customer buys.

This is my passion and when organizations focus, you solve great problems while delivering quality products people need.  The first step is to reach out and let’s discuss your customer especially the prospective ones that are so hard to discover. 

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