Building products with uncertainty – Do’s and Don’ts

Most projects I have worked on were successful because of Product-Market Fit was achieved. PMF worked because a great business operating system is in place.

Performing product-market fit as a framework or methodology alone is not enough. Having an underlying technology is critical to achieving and sustaining disruptive innovation and Product-Market Fit. I invented PMF technology because I could not find something to help me when i work at growth organizations. When the loudest mouths in the room drowns out the truth, bring data, lots of it.  I wanted a ‘source of truth’ that would remove as much organizational bias from decision making. By letting the voice of the customer come forward, you have a real chance to winning Product-Market Fit.

If you’re an organization building a product and you’re living in a world of hunches, you’re suffering from extreme uncertainties. Below is a list of the do’s and don’ts when operating under extreme uncertainty.

Do no Do
Rely on intuition alone Remove bias, use people-centric predictive technology. Solve the underserved needs of customers.
Rely on expertise alone Require deep understanding of people to test assumptions. Drive predictive, data driven thinking.
Rely on money and media to find your customer It was once possible to Media your way into finding your customer. The future is about a deep understanding so you can create Customer Delight.
Rely on Time to iterate The one thing no one can buy. Limit guessing by time.
Experiment Experiment with expectations of the results that are time-boxed. Become predictive. Better yet, be prescriptive. Expectations should be based on qualifying the customer at a deep level. Predict why people buy.

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