MBTI quantifying revenue and profit

I no longer like to categorize revenue and profit according to Myers-Briggs. While mbti calculations are interesting they’re very hard to explain to people. What’s the difference between an isfp and intj?  how you convert this for Marketing, sales, creative production and product design?

The image below is real data CRM converted into this chart. The data is a differentiation of four types of customers. 

This chart represents four types of customers. High-frequency vs. low-frequency buyers and high-value vs. low-value buyers.

There are four options.   I would suggest that most of this data is interesting when there are differentials or when there is firm agreement and direction. For example ESFJ it’s clearly a customer type no matter what.

There are big differentials between estp.   there are very few of this personality type on the low frequency scale. Translation, if you fought once or twice and rarely show up again you’re likely to be a handful of personality types but there’s a good guess that you are an estp.

What does this tell us? There’s natural bias in how we design our marketing and products and the perception of that work upon large groups of people. The product is possibly useful to everyone but certain people just don’t get it. For this particular customer, it should have brought appeal but how it was presented is limiting.

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