Market orientation to Product orientation

This presentation is 4 years old but it highlights a few things that remain the same. Please use it carefully as some things might be a little bit dated

Market orientation gets the right product: Product orientation get the product right

An agile organization combines the progression of value with the value of data to wisdom. 

When teams function very well you get to the point where you’re doing co-creation and it’s likely, with a little bit of luck you reach the point of generating wisdom.

 Think of all those products that are just creating knowledge. A lot of platforms as they call them generate a tremendous amount of knowledge but they’re not exactly generating directional wisdom.

Successful companies recognize the importance of both approaches. 

Products must start with the needs and wants of customers. But the delivery of a profitable product depends on efficiency and quality in production.

If you don’t worry about yourself correctly with the needs and wants of which customers, why do they buy, who are they,  and a myriad of other questions. You’re likely to mess up this part of the process. It’s really important to understand the customer at a deep level. understanding why people buy is critical to creating a market-oriented company that will be very successful.  Combining Market orientation and product orientation is a very special place that starts with understanding people.

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