Customer data it’s not just a place to store ‘date of the past’

CRM has never been leveraged the way it should be. Not to get people to buy things they don’t want but to understand what customer wants and why they decide.  There is no way you’re going to make selling novel again. It’s old. It’s only a conduit at this point. Bad news for shopping malls – if they don’t adapt.

My research focuses on how to better understand people and satisfy their needs, balancing it with the needs of organizations to survive and thrive. By understanding why people decide, you can better predict outcomes, excluding people that don’t care, getting that noise out of their life and that expense off your books. When we try to market in our old shotgun approach ways, you overreach – more than eight out of ten people could care less about what you’re selling. Marketing is not going to convince them anymore.

We can’t measure thoughts and we can’t measure deep traits of millions of people all at the same time but we can create theories that can be converted into action. We can tie that data back to results and decision-making within the organization.  We can invest our money more wisely.

The PDF below outlines some of the research I have built.  The material includes a few hints at case studies that indicate a new way to differentiate and better satisfy customers.

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