Why are brands not buying early stage digital media?

Media buying is complex. Why are brands not buying early stage digital media? It would still occur if they saw results.

If you think about a customer journey, the earliest stage is awareness. In the old days, traditional media was very good at driving awareness and consideration. It had reach, frequency, and duration that fueled results into direct response channels. Today, we are missing tradition media ‘air cover’ for brand value creation. Digital is not yet capable of driving the awareness and consideration stage efficiently due to cost and market dynamics.

The downside is publishers are more than happy to target but don’t we see in-store conversion rates? Media is oversold.

Its possible to find people who have a ‘job to be done’ if you can find predict their reason to buy, using theories of why they decide. You can avoid early stage media and drop into an excellent customer base, removing 90%+ of the media based methods.

Using predictive personality traits of people, combined with CRM data, you can create a look-a-like audience and reach people using the later stages of the customer journey.

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