The psycholinguistic trait difference between small house owners and large house owners

I examined 4 million home purchases in the United StatesAnd look at a calculated psycholinguistic personality traits score based on square footage of the house.

Here are the preliminary results. In a later post, I will examine what high indexing personality traits mean based on square footage.

For houses’ owners less 1000 ft

1. Affect Words // Negative emotion // Anger

2. Relativity // Motion // motion

3. Relativity // Space // space

4. Personal Concerns // Death

5. Biological Processes // Health/illness

For houses’ owners over 4000 ft

1. Biological Processes // Body

2. Biological Processes // bio

3. Biological Processes // Health/illness

4. Social Words // Family

5. Biological Processes // Sexuality

For houses’ owners over 10,000 ft

1. Personal Concerns // Money

2. Relativity // Time

3. Cognitive processes // Cause

4. Perpetual Processes // Hearing

5. Summary Variable // Analytical Thinking

Each trait has well-defined definitions of the traits associated with each. As you can see above, many are obvious, while others might be surprising.

I have many questions myself.

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