The Messy Middle of Business and Secrets

It seems like we work in the messy middle… always.

Amy Young said it best, “My name is Amy and I live in the messy middle of life. I have been Redeemed from permanent muck and live with the tension of the Already and Not Yet.”

We are never out of a messy middle. Things always change. Can you imagine the impact of the telegram? Steam engine? Clayton Christensen? Jeff Bezos? Does it stop?

Our digital world also brings amazing speed and access. AI, IoT, APIs, connected and driverless everything are on the edge but ‘not yet’. Tesla produces 0.25% of Toyota’s output. Lots of promise but… not yet.

“The messy middle of change can become the wasteland where good ideas go to die — or a place that creates confidence and energizes action…”

Our digital world brings the risk of knowing too much, but also not knowing enough. What?? Let me explain.

It feels like we are in the messy middle of digital marketing, analytics, statistics. All of it. We know what devices people are using when they visit our website. We know how long they spend on the homepage. We know what they click. We know their ages. How old they are. Urban v rural. All that data.

It’s a lot of data to look at, but also does that really tell you who I am? Can you take the data and create some content or speak to me in a way that will really resonate with me?

We often see that businesses have the data everyone else has, but branding doesn’t match. The website is geared towards middle-aged women when the customers are actually young, urban single men. Imagine speaking the language of your best customers, matching your brand to them.

When your brand isn’t matching your customers, you’re definitely in the messy middle. At MakeBuzz, we don’t claim to have solved every problem, but we can help navigate out of the depths of the messy middle. We’ve got the entire US CRM. Can you imagine the possibilities? We can.

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