Ten Silly Things Most Business Do Part 3

Silly Thing #3: Telling Stories That Don’t Make Sense

Not understanding what’s happening leads to misattribution. And misattribution leads companies to tell themselves stories that aren’t true. This causes them to do things that not only don’t work, but are insanely expensive and/or not scalable, and also don’t even stand up under the slightest scrutiny.

When someone is telling themselves stories that don’t make any sense, this is a sign that they don’t understand what’s going on on a foundational level. In the case of a business, it means management struggles to fully understand their own organization. Granted, it is a hard endeavor but this is a problem that gets harder with complex organizations.

A recent, semi-related but extremely well-known example of this is the 2016 presidential election. How much chaos has resulted from the fact that HRC couldn’t see that Wisconsin was important?

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