How to Grow Subscription Boxes: Grow 10x by understanding people in a whole new way

Early adopters of subscription boxes are the visionaries. They try new things for the sake of trying new products, but your biggest hurdle is crossing the chasm into the mass middle. How do you convince the pragmatists that your product is delightful and exciting? And how do you venture outside of targeting your core customer who will also be receptive to your product?

There is a high degree of disappointment which converts into poor ratings. In many cases, the ratings are not appropriate because the type of customer receiving the box is a mismatch. The overreach of marketing drives many correct customers but can lead to some big potholes. It’s hard to reach a broad audience and satisfy everyone.

Box disappointment can lead to poor ratings which impact sales tremendously. It is not a marketing or product problem, but like finding a place for a Tetris piece. It’s about matching the right customer in the perfect spot. By designing the right box for the right customer, you create high degrees of delight social sharing.

The results you find online can be terrifying to a company. There is an oversupply of subscription box companies right now, and the company who wins this battle will seize market share now in a challenging environment later to win volume. Subscription boxes are a powerful way to capture market share brand awareness and sales. For many reasons, this is why we shop in stores to be delighted and surprised at what we pass. This is a new way of thinking, but it needs work.

Below is a snippet of activities in Dallas, Texas, which is our example city. We see here that people interested in cooking are nothing like people who travel, while travel and home decorating have similar psycholinguistic traits. Our research indicates that writing specific content based on your goals drives a better conversion rate.

We know that this is a somewhat unconventional way of improving conversion, but we have found that understanding why people buy is critical and an efficient way to grow sales and profits. Contact us to see how we can help you improve knowing your customer.

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