SpiderOak and Policy Management

May 5, 2019

Technology Issues

The policies of agencies can be enforced by new technology.

Data and controls can be protected with private blockchain.


A written policy of an organizations policy says “don’t steal data”.

No way to enforce the policy with current technology. Gaps are managed by rules and controls.


The code we use in organizations is called a Trusted Computing Base.

All code has defects (Let’s just say about 1 every 1,000 lines of code).

Most agencies have millions of lines of code.

Most defects are known and can be acquired by hackers and bad actors.


It is possible to reduce the trusted computing base and the trusted base of people by using distributed ledger (private blockchain).


New technology allows organizations to have better people and data controls.

Reducing the Trusted Base allows for agencies to focus on missions.

Insider threats can be stopped.

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