Segmenting people by ‘why they cut’ can grow electric equipment sales by 10x

Cutting lawns means many different things to many different people.

Electric equipment has the possibility to change how people see lawn care: the days of gas and long extension cords are coming to an end. The right company that focuses on understanding customer segments in a very different way will seize market share and own the market.

Currently, equipment is sold by facts and figures. But this is not the way people emotionally embrace change.

Psycholinguistics tells us along with the trait theory that people are buying products for very different reasons.

What is your reason for choosing this product?

  • Environment
  • Convenience
  • Noise
  • Safety versus gas and the electric wire
  • Status
  • Efficiency
  • Less maintenance

Each reason may or may not have a big connection to the other reason. For instance, somebody interested in reducing emissions and creating more efficiency when cutting the grass might not have any connection to a person interested in reducing noise and safety concerns.

Marketing needs products based on facts and figures. This solves some conversion rates but not all. The dramatic change in conversion rates reminds me of when Walmart promoted the CFL in 2006. They dramatically shifted the market from incandescent to CFL by launching a series of campaigns they change the perception of the light bulb.

The same can be said for Apple over a variety of products, over many years. They began selling products based on an idea to “think different”. The RAM, storage, and capabilities were second to the philosophy that Apple sells to this day.

The manufacturer or the reseller is in position to do this now.

Understanding psycholinguistics changes the ad copy, but more importantly, it changes conversion.

By segmenting people based on why they decide and why they would change from traditional to battery-powered lawn care is where the manufacturer and the reseller need to go.

Psycholinguistics of gardening in the State of Iowa (just the over-indexing traits):

Gardening on a surface level may be a relaxing hobby, but when you go into the psycholinguistics of it, it says a lot about the people who garden.

Gardeners focus on personal concerns and feelings. They’re socially oriented around family, and they are perceptive. They live in the present often have high expertise and confidence. They tend to be not as concerned about money and do not think analytically or logically, thus using feelings to guide their decisions.

Over-indexing in certain personality traits has many different meanings the quick review of gardeners in Iowa indicate intellectual curiosity open to emotion sensitive to beauty, considerate trusting and trustworthy, yet open to or are vulnerable to stress. Sometimes ordinary situations can be threatening. Generally, they have positive emotions, are assertive and see stimulation from others. There’s great appreciation for art, adventure, imagination, and curiosity.

They don’t make fast decisions. They’re not controlling or focused on themselves.

By understanding psycholinguistics and personality traits, we can better understand what makes a gardener garden. By understanding the gardener at a deeper level, we better understand what marketing copy and messaging we’ll convince them to move from traditional power equipment two battery. It’s not always about saving the environment nor is it still about efficiency. It just depends on the person. By segmenting people and messaging hey brand stands a far better chance to improve conversion and market share dramatically. Dominating this market allows your brand to expand to other areas in the future and build a long road toward success for years to come.

We plan on helping your brand succeed. Please write so we can provide more information about how to approach the market and how to create market share growth. By doing these things, we create customer delight along with customer equity. We predict what comes next and we build potent experiences for both the company and your customers.

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