Practical Innovation Concepts

I build disruptive, growth-focused businesses that leverage disruptive innovation, bleeding edge technology and simplicity focused business frameworks. In 21 years, the combination of these items has helped me grow near zero revenue businesses into $3 billion per year, profitable brands.

Practical Innovation = Innovation x Simplicity

Innovation: Combining predictive and prescriptive business models, simplicity and the three flavors of innovation, I build technology based upon the thinking of Clayton Christensen. His influence on me has gelled what I have observed but could not describe myself. Specifically, the concept of a business operating like a boat. Having a common framework that combines ‘data of the past’ with real-time data and ‘theories of the future’, driven by a common and unifying framework. Only then, can an organization thrive.

Simplicity is an anthem that allows for innovation to thrive.

The motivation of the above is driven by how digital (internet) technology is so non-human. For the last 5000 years, humans have communicated with rather primitive instruments. Digital drives many non-human activities which we are still adjusting to, likely for a long time.

Any business that ‘gets ahead’ of this is practicing ‘digital viability.’ To thrive requires something more.

Lacking a compass on how to navigate what to do with a business model is a doomsday scenario. I call it a death spiral.

My passion is to provide leadership, the compass, and framework that creates discovery, navigates digital technology and drives a company to digital viability through the art and science of practical innovation.

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