My CRM is Bigger Than Your CRM

We’re not trying to brag. It’s true! And we can make your CRM bigger by attaching it to ours.

Our technology can predict the personality of almost all Americans that spend money. So what?

By appending your CRM with the data in our CRM, we can show you some amazing things. More importantly, though, we can show you traits, desire and expectations about groupings of people, what they care about, and what they’re likely to buy in the future.

We discovered personality is the biggest differential in conversion rates. We have seen 30x difference between an ESTP and an INTP (for one brand, it’s totally different for you, most likely). Why that happens is hard to explain just like why some people get along and others don’t.

Here’s a hint: What people buy a year from now has little to do with what they bought in the past and everything to do with who they are. A year from now, what will you buy? Right! Click and cookies struggle but a theory of who that person is will not. Coupled with a client CRM, the ‘guide rails’ will create a subset of desire (products and services) within that brand.

Using “data of the past” works great of you are trying to sell ink to a person who bought a printer, or lens cap to a person who just bought a camera. But get beyond the obvious? Please stop trying to make that happen. It’s not going to happen. It’s like trying to see where your speedboat is going by keeping your eyes glued to the wake. (No joke. Looking backwards to move forward is an inherently stupid approach. It’s okay, we’ve all done it, but it’s time to admit our mistakes and move on. In doing so, you can also leave your competitors in the dust.)

As it stands, you’re probably talking about things like customer intelligence and customer behavior and big data and analytics and [insert meaningless buzzword here]. But you’re probably also analyzing “behaviors” like website clicks and gathering “intelligence” with cookies. We’re here to tell you that clicks and cookies are old school. Old school is good for the base line (your competitors have everything you have now). Time to move on and be predictive and prescriptive. New School is all about looking ahead, predicting, using machines that can learn and drive a business forward.

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