Jobs to be Done software with a technology core

I invented “jobs to be done” software.

It makes the process of utilizing JTBD theory faster, easier and cheaper to execute. The Clayton Christensen theory is critical to figuring out why people buy. Dr. Christensen has been very important to my career growth and ability to “compete against luck”. By identifying your best customers’ desires and reasons for ‘hiring’ your company, you can find more, speak to them as you know them. Having software allows you to speed to market faster, have an “always on” approach two jobs to be done without invasive techniques.

By combining predictive theories of people with core business data, you can see over the horizon. Reprioritize your distribution of profits based on the ability to delight customers. Finding out what motivates your customers, and unlock the customer journey, you are no longer at the whim of media.

If you’re trying to understand your customers through media and those KPI’s, you’re going to be always disappointed in the results. Media produces minimal KPI’s while maximizing their profitability, not yours. One way to think of it.

You have to reduce your audience size using prediction.

In a recent exercise, I removed 98.5% of the audience to get to an exact look-a-like audience.

This is designed to help you see your CRM in a whole new way, a psycholinguistic way. I help you figure out why people buy long before they know what they want (predictive analytics). I look deep into what delights people (customer delight as a KPI) about your company. Having a deep understanding of people is a lot like knowing a friend. It significantly impacts conversion rates and retention.

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