Personality Traits of Large House Owners

Peterson-Wilbanks House, Vidalia,GA. Appox 4,000 sqft

They tend to be emotional, stressed and yet find ways to be positive. That is what the data suggest.

I looked at home purchases over five years in the US and appended a calculated personality trait to home ownership by house size. I find this to be challenging research, connecting house size to personality traits. Houses seem different than buying a product to get a job done yet home is a significant part of our daily life. In the US, we tend to buy what we can afford, stressing ourselves to the limits of reason.

Anyone who can afford a 4,000 sqft home has money to spare. It also means they likely have a spare room or two for things to do or keep a distance from who knows what. Their traits indicate the need to solve jobs to be done with added household space. 4,000 sqft is significant, even when house prices are relatively low.

A 1980s 4,000 sqft house in the US

Looking broadly at American homeownership in the 4,000 sqft range, we see a high biological process, related to food. Food becomes a means to solve things beyond hunger.

They are humane and helpful as opposed to suspicious and adversarial towards others.

They have a sense for biological process, understanding others behaviors, they sense well.

Dr. JW Darden House, Opelika, Alabama, appox 4,000 sqft

They have a high level of sensitivity to physical (via sound, sight, touch, or smell) and emotional stimuli, easily overwhelmed by too much information. Perhaps, larger spaces in the house give the flexibility to adjust.

They listen to upbeat songs and watch documentaries about celebrities. They are for the most part mindful of their peers, helpful to others, especially in need. They are warm, neighborly, and thoughtful. They have a hopeful perspective of human instinct and coexist well with others.

When looking at small house size (1,000 sqft) and very large, (10,000 sqft), we see dramatic differences in traits. I welcome anyone interested in traits and housing to take a look at the file and insights we uncovered. The trait research is University-based work.

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