The personalities of Ford owners in the Midwest

FORD ownership is a club. Late models in one midwest State indicate consistent traits with some variation between models. What does this mean? If you want to sell more of these, get to know the Ford customer traits.

In summary, Ford owners are active, enthusiastic, always on the move. Ready for challenges and accept responsibility. They like to be in groups. They have a sense of orientation, they can connect relations between objects and people. There is a tendency to show more honesty, personal and disclosing behavior. They are authentic, emotional, open-minded, ready for a new experience.

You can see broad differences in ownership of a Ford Focus vs Mustang. Focus owners are more interested in health. University research, in summary, suggests a Focus owner is more sensitive to worries, competitive and ambitious, with a tendency to ignore symptoms of stress.

Mustang owners have a keen sense of time, place and motion — I would hope so.

Summary of all models:

  1. Relativity // Motion // motion
  2. Relativity // Relative to area
  3. Personal Concerns // Leisure
  4. Summary Variable // Authentic
  5. Biological Processes // Body


  1. Relativity // Motion
  2. Personal Concerns // Leisure
  3. Biological Processes // Body
  4. Relativity // Relative to area
  5. Summary Variable // Authentic


  1. Biological Processes // Health/illness
  2. Relativity // Motion
  3. Relativity // Relative to area
  4. Social Words // Friends
  5. Summary Variable // Authentic


  1. Relativity // Motion
  2. Relativity // Relative to area
  3. Summary Variable // Authentic
  4. Personal Concerns // Leisure
  5. Relativity // Time

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