How your cutomers’ personalities affect your entire business

How are you feeling? Nope, not a personality question. Behaviors? Temporary. What are you like? Yes, that is a hint at personality. What did you buy last week, what did you click on….. no. What will you buy in a year? Personality driven.

Personality is the combination of traits that form an individual’s distinctive character. Some aspects of personality are inherited, but most are learned through experience, much of it early in a person’s life. Once formed, personality changes very little during later life. Personality is a major determinant of choices, preferences, and behavior. Therefore, being able to assess aspects of personality can be a powerful tool for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management.

Our approach is to help organizations develop and continually refine marketing, sales, and customer relationship management strategies using a unique and easy-to-understand personality-based predictive analytics model of buyers. This will enable everyone in the organization to work together to optimize customer acquisition, revenue growth, and retention.

It is an exciting time to have the horsepower needed to truly execute predictive and prescriptive analytics and marketing automation. How is your organization using personality, trait or some other theory formed data set to guide profit growth? Can you separate what Clayton Christensen calls ‘data of the past’ from ‘data of the future’?

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