How you can combine your CRM with predictive analytics


We all know travel and especially hotels is a difficult business. High cost, lacking the technology needed to sustain disruptive forces, travel need a break.

Hoteliers can build loyalty and trust with guests with the help of CRM technology. This technology can provide a complete view of the customer through the predictive analytics and data-backed insights needed to effectively prioritize customer experience and deliver the personal attention guests have come to expect.”

Hotels are onto something. Brands have few real ‘sources of truth’. One is CRM. When we append rich data to this data set, we discover it can be highly effective at establishing a baseline of rules based on predictive analytics and direction. Once this is established, we can apply machine learning to our outreach, such as apps and websites.

“According to a Deloitte Consulting white paper, Next Gen Hotel Guests Have Checked In: The Changing Guest Experience, “hoteliers need to turbocharge the guest experience and tune into their needs to drive loyalty and increase repeat business.”

With data mined from a CRM system, hotels can create customized guest profiles to better anticipate preferences such as room category and view, package types, restaurant recommendations, and rates.”

Predicting expectations and why people buy, what they need in-market and out is possible via trait theory and connecting traits to CRM data. Instead of clogging a CRM, we can segment personality and emotional traits that are causal to the buyer, without violating their privacy or experiences.

CRM does not need to be the system of record but can be a sophisticated or simple data platform that predicts outcomes.

If we can predict loyalty and create a total addressable market based on who should be a loyal customer, we no longer require customers to jump the hoops to loyalty. We have a great theory of who already are loyal. CRM can be a modern way to drive greater value. It’s not the simple data set of who bought what anymore.

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