A security model based on a Distributed approach

A security model based on a Distributed approach, by its very nature, enforces better data security while also reducing the risk of security breaches and compromised data.

The traditional, Centralized approach allows IT services and staff to manage all aspects of the access to your data when all they are truly responsible for is the Availability of the IT infrastructure — typically meaning the uptime of the server. A Distributed approach, however, enforces a separation of the IT activity from the cryptographic activity of keeping your data secure.

To improve our overall security posture, our end goal has to be to reduce the complexity of our security approach and to place trust only where it absolutely has to be placed. A Distributed approach provides the technical tools to properly secure and manage the Authority, Identity, and Integrity/Confidentiality layers of the model.

The job of infrastructure is to provide availability, additionally, authority is misassigned and should be removed to decrease attack surface.

Cryptography allows us to minimize trust to only the components which have a mission need for it.

SpiderOak has developed technology that allows for the instant provisioning of cryptographically secure collaboration spaces for use in scenarios where certainty about who has access to that space is a mission requirement.

Cryptographic segmentation based on secure private blockchain technology, utilizing FIPS 140–2 encryption, is used to enforce strong assurances of confidentiality, integrity, immutability, and authority.

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