How Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and eBay embrace personality analytics

How good are they pulling this off?

All 4 understand the customer at a deeper level than most. They are leaders and have made efforts to use personality and trait theory to better understand why people decide.

Leading companies embrace understanding people at a far deeper level than ever before. Execution is still far from the vision of their executive teams but it gets better with each year. Are we still reminded to buy something we bought; yes. What comes next is far better.

Disney predicts personality and has made some efforts to better understand people. eBay understands predictive frameworks. Their inventory issues do make it hard but they could think different. Netflix stands out as the poster child for personality and trait theory. They can design their products vs. resell something. They can get product to market in relatively short order. Amazon gets it and drives it back to what matters; customer delight. It’s a great KPI for measuring results. Since Amazon can be taken down by China, et al (collectively, his suppliers), his focus on customer delight and brand equity is very important.

I expect these 4 to lead for a while but in 5 to 10 years, who knows. If they do not move fast enough, the theory of disruptive innovation tells us they can be taken down.

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