Gardening in Iowa — a story of who you are is related to what you do

I personally enjoy gardening. It’s relaxing and it takes away the stress and strain of high-pressure jobs without the risk of hurting yourself. I tend to be a daydreamer when I’m gardening, so I avoid dangerous tools that can cut off my hands. I don’t really want to read a book or take on a new topic — I just want to let my brain rest and wander.

I don’t live in Iowa but I like choosing Iowa just like those politicians do. It seems to be a diverse state right in the middle of our country.

Using the technology that we built, I examined people who garden and who do home and gardening work as well as people who also garden and farm in Iowa. There are differences between those three groups of people but for this article’s sake, I averaged them.

Collectively, gardening is very personal and relates to Home & Leisure and Family. Some of the linguistic trait analysis characteristics of gardening are pretty obvious.

One area of research I like to look at is when a person over-indexes, meaning they are highly focused on a particular activity. It appears that gardeners in the state of Iowa are intellectually curious, open to emotion, and sensitive to beauty. They’re considerate and generous trusting and trustworthy.

When trying to convince a gardener to do something, it’s important to connect well to their traits that are shown above. There are set of verbs and adjectives that fit well to what it means to be a gardener.

Overall gardening in Iowa means the individual is optimistic, intellectual, considerate, and positive. I personally might use it more for escapism or rest time, but it looks like the people that enjoy it most are compassionate souls.

What are the traits that gardening is not?

People who garden in Iowa are not controlling or self-focused and do not keep to themselves. They also might not be focused on the past, but embrace the present.

When connecting this data to CRM, you uncover revenue and profits and how traits connect. Our research indicates a few traits drive profitability and revenue. We also have discovered that the traits that do drive profitability drive the vast majority of it. Think of the classic 80/20 rule. When designing marketing and messaging it’s important to think through the deep meaning of who people are and why they decide. It might not be an easy task but it produces far greater conversion rates creating far more brand equity and customer delight.

Understanding why people buy is critical for conversion rate improvements — one of the most efficient ways to grow sales and profits. We can help. Contact us how we can help you improve understanding the customer and creating growth.

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