Dog Loving Cities in Louisiana

Living in Louisiana, one would think dog lovers are in the big cities. But maybe my bias comes from the fact that New Orleans has an all-dog Mardi Gras parade called the Krewe of Barkus. And possibly it’s because I follow so many dog Instagram accounts based in the Crescent City. Also, I just love dogs.

In our “lab” (pun completely intended), MakeBuzz calculated the index of dog density for the US as 0.152. New Orleans comes in around ? of that and Baton Rouge is 0.125.

Places like Omro, WI and Lamar, MO have high densities of dog ownership, approaching 50% more than cities in Louisiana.

New Orleans scores 0.075 and Baton Rouge, 0.125

What does it mean to have high dog density?

There are strong, practical reasons to own a dog that haven’t changed much in the thousands of years humans and dogs have lived together. Sometimes they are trained for hunting in rural areas. Likewise, people in cities often have dogs as part of their family, for protection, or for support reasons.

Understanding the demographics social reasons to own a dog is one frame of reference. Our technology allows us to look at the psychometrics of owning a dog.

Dog owners have high psychometric indexing for social activities with friends, family and neighbors. They tend to overuse auxiliary verbs, be present focused, use negation and have a high degree of clout within their community. You will find people in these towns positive but assertive and confident. Matches up to what dog owners should be like right?

There are many more characteristics to owning a dog. This is just a brief report on dog density ownership. We were surprised to find the bigger cities having less dogs.

When selling into a dog density city, having high confidence in your product, while using present tense, and negation could make a difference in optimal conversion rates.

This is just a small sample of what we can do. MakeBuzz looks at more than just dog ownership to help you understand your customers. Imagine having a full profile of your best customers, and then getting a lookalike audience. With all of our data and our key to what everything means, you’re sure to win.

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